Between a thriving commerce scene, an exceptional school system, an expansive state park, and miles and miles of lakefront property, it’s no wonder that Wilson County ranks as one of the top places in Tennessee to live. But with all of these amenities comes a median house price of more than $500,000. This means you may need to look for ways to budget your move so that you don’t break the bank.

Keep reading for a few quick tips.

Plan ahead.

One of the best ways to save money on any endeavor is to plan ahead. Start with a budget, and commit to sticking to it. Make sure to look ahead at all the expenses you might encounter during your move. Don’t forget packing supplies, HOA fees, and any expenses you might incur getting your pet certified if you’re moving across state lines.


Moving is the perfect excuse to declutter your home and possessions. As you pack up, take stock of everything you own, and decide if you still need it. You may be surprised at just how much less you can live with. As an added perk, less stuff to move may even mean lower moving costs. If you’re looking for a place to donate gently used clothing or nonperishable foods, consider the Mt. Juliet Help Center.

Look for free moving supplies.

Packing supplies can add hundreds of dollars to your budget. But it’s possible to save money by using free moving supplies. Many local stores will be happy to give you their used boxes to keep them out of the dumpster.

Compare rental truck prices.

If you decide to DIY your move, make sure to compare prices from different truck rental companies. You will have plenty of options in the area, and you may even save by renting in the middle of the week instead of the weekend.

Take your time.

Whether you’re moving within, in, or out of Wilson County, you can save money by taking your time and renting a portable storage container and working with movers that can get you on the road toward the middle of the week. A portable storage container can be delivered to your home, and they are usually available for monthly rentals. When you’re ready, you can move on your own terms. 

Partner with the right realtor.

Most importantly, work with a realtor that’s familiar with Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, and the outlying areas of Wilson County. A knowledgeable, local realtor can help you get the right home at the right price and can point you in the direction of other trusted local businesses that will help you get the most out of your moving dollars.

The average move cost anywhere from $800 up to $6000 or more. Put your dollars to work for you by saving where you can so that you can enjoy your new home without busting your budget. But make sure to put aside enough to enjoy pizza on move-in day. (We recommend Calabria Brick Oven!)

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