Without these two lovely ladies, Team Rockensock might not rock your socks!

Have you met Heather and Tanna? If not, you are in for a real treat. Today, we want to spotlight the ladies behind everything we do.


Heather is a licensed realtor and a vital member of our crew. Her favorite part of the job is getting to know her clients, who often become extended family.

When Heather met Eddie, the two immediately hit it off professionally, and Eddie began to mentor Heather as she launched her real estate career. Heather says, “I really appreciated Eddie’s integrity and his obvious love for helping his clients and fellow agents. His passion for real estate and his knowledge of the industry was something I really admired and do to this day. When Eddie asked me to be part of this team, I couldn’t say no. I love the community we’ve built. I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”


Tanna is our transaction coordinator and team assistant who uses her experience as a professional organizer to keep our calendars running smoothly. Tanna is intimately familiar with the stress of the buying and selling process, as she has moved more than 20 times. This Nashville native and mother of three (two teenagers and an adult son) also runs a nonprofit school in Haiti. Aside from her children, Tanna is most passionate about activism and helping others when they need a hand up.

You can expect weekly updates from Tanna once you’ve signed the contract. She’s the one that makes sure all of our documents are in order and that you know where we are in the buying or selling process.

Service Is A Team Effort

Heather and Tanna keep us moving. Without them, we don’t know what we’d do. Whether you are looking for a new home or simply have a question about the moving process, either of these professionals can help. 

At Team Rockensock, our clients always have access to our entire team. If you need something, we put our efforts together to ensure that you’re covered every step of the way.

Interested in buying or selling? Give us a call today at 615.337.6000 today, and put Team Rockensock’s hometown crew to work you for you!